“A photographer photographs what he sees, I photograph what I cannot see”

Paris  Escandón, originally from Mexico City, was left partially blind in the beginning of the year 2000 by kidney disease. After having received a kidney transplant in 2002 he moved to Tuxtla Gutierrez (Chiapas, Mexico), where he started to work at Cable 7 as the host of a television show that he created and directed. A few months later the producer abandoned the project and he had to produce the program himself, which he did – and the program became a local success for more than two and a half years with live broadcasts three days a week.

During the following years, Paris continued producing and directing two more television shows, for which he also edited, wrote, investigated and sometimes guest hosted. This was possible thanks to technology, which helped him give voice commands to his computer, magnify his screen and use a text reading program.

In this way and with the help of his wife Solange, he founded his own company, which produced videos for social causes, schools, documentaries and promotional material, as well as occasionally offering other services such as printing, graphic design and filming of social events.

In 2007 he moved to Canada with his family, and during his long immigration process he dedicated his free time to studying special effects, motion graphics and 3D design techniques for film and video (with After Effects, Premiere Pro, Cinema 4D and DAZ Studio). Also during this period, he discovered WordPress and started a pioneering Spanish-language blog for teaching and learning video editing and motion graphics through video tutorials. Thanks to his experience working with WordPress, he has been able to create a dozen websites so far for local Ottawa businesses. He also currently creates and sells After Effects projects on well-known websites such as “Video Hive”.

In 2010, along with two of the participants from his original video tutorial blog, he created “Filmomentum” a multinational co-operative with hubs in Canada, Spain and Argentina. That same year and with the Cuban playwright and author Jorge Carrigan he he ventured briefly into live podcasting from his home using his computer. This talk show was directed at the Spanish-speaking community around the world and gained listeners from Mexico, United States, Argentina, Peru and Spain, among others.

In January 2011 Paris won the World TV “Become a TV Mogul” competition; his short 2010 animated film Umbral Placebo won Valencia’s 2011 Tirant de Móvil Competition in the Citizenship and Communications category and was an overall semi-finalist in the 2010 Nontzefilmak Bilbao Fantasy film festival.

In 2012 he won a Cultural Equity grant at Ottawa’s SAW Video for short film written by Carrigan. In 2013 he was in charge of the video production of the TEDx Rideau Canal, held at the Ottawa Art Gallery, he filmed and produced promotional videos for the Ottawa Valley Lifesaving Club and Runway for Hope. He also joined MJM Epic Productions and Entertainment as the main motion graphics designer and video editor. Paris continues to participate in the community by working on various projects, such as whiteboard animations, commercials, podcasts (for local artists such as Natalie Peachy makeup artist and Jennifer Hayward), documenting charity and community events (Recovery Day and Ride the Rideau, for example). Finally, as a person who admires and enjoys the multicultural fabric of Canada’s capital, Paris can often be found behind the camera at weddings which never cease to inspire and uplift him.